Kwila Decking  – Wellington

Kwila is an expensive timber – 2 to 3 times the cost of pine. The deep reddish brown colour looks fabulous, but without regular protection it turns grey and is then very hard to distinguish between it and the cheaper pine. Lichen is also a big fan of Kwila – it is much more common to see a lichen covered kwila deck than a pine one.

We often see kwila decks in this state and wonder why the more expensive timber option was chosen and then left to deteriorate.

All is not lost though as most kwila decks can be restored. This one in Wellington looked worse for wear but looked fantastic when completed.

One word of warning however  – if kwila is left in its natural state and dries out it will splinter. This is not something that can easily be rectfied so it is all the more reason to keep the timber nourished with a good quality linseed oil stain.