Cedar Garage Door – Auckland

A cedar garage door give fantastic street appeal to your property if it is in good condition. However if it is left to deteriorate it can have the opposite effect.

Cedar is a difficult timber to maintain as it is a softwood. In New Zealand’s climate of damp winters and high UV summers it can quickly go from its warm reddish brown colour to grey and is then susceptible to mildew – turning areas black.

A simple annual recoat with a good quality stain is required to maintain the water and UV repellancy. This door in Auckland was typical of what we come across.

Our process uses a special eco-friendly solution to strip the failed stain out of the timber, then a light sand before applying two coats of linseed oil stain.  The result is near new door.

Unfortunately many cedar doors come with a polyurethane coating on the surface. This breaks down quickly due to the UV radiation resulting in peeling, flaking, and yellowing of the polyurethane. These doors need to have that coating removed completely either by a chemical stripper or by mechanical sanding so that new stain is able to penetrate into the timber.

DeckandFencePro have the experience and knowledge to bring most doors back to life.